What are the benefits?

  • SPECIAL PRICING: All Brand Ambassadors will receive an exclusive discount on Beau Lashes products. Pay even less for the products you love!
  • RECOGNITION: You and your work will be featured in emails, on our social media channels and even on our website. Fellow lash artists will see the quality of your work which will help to build your reputation as a top quality lash technician.
  • TRY NEW PRODUCTS: You'll have the opportunity to try out our brand new products, and your valuable feedback will be used to shape the way we make them in the future.
  • CONTRIBUTE: We'll be asking you for some creative ideas on new ventures for the company, like what new products you want to see launched next etc. Get involved and help shape the company!

What are the requirements?

  • BE ENTHUSIASTIC: We want you to love our products and the brand as much as we do! Get excited!
  • BE PROFESSIONAL: Have a professional image, attitude and reputation both online and in-person.
  • BE ACTIVE: We want to you be an active player on social media channels showing off your work and engaging with your customers and, most importantly, other lash artists. We also expect our Brand Ambassadors to work together and share/comment/like on each others posts.
  • BE CONSISTENT: Being active on social media is important, but being consistently active on social media is equally important. Posting about our brand using #beaulashesofficial at least once a week is perfect!
  • BE HEARD: Be a respected voice in our industry and regularly offer advice and take part in discussions in Facebook forums specifically for lash technicians.
  • BE EXCLUSIVE: Unfortunately we feel that you can only be truly enthusiastic about our brand if you only represent us so we can't accept applications from people who already represent another brand.

Apply Now To Work With Us

To receive the benefits above, all Brand Ambassadors must continue to meet the requirements set out on this page and in the introductory pack sent when the application is accepted. Beau Lashes reserves the right to terminate a Brand Ambassadors benefits if they fail to meet the requirements.

Due to volumes, we will only contact successful applicants.