Advanced Gel Remover

  • Industry Leading Performance

    Our Advanced Gel Remover for pro eyelash extensions is a premium remover perfect for experienced lash artists looking to add something extra special to their treatments.

    Add this to your supplies and remove individual lash extensions quickly and easily within minutes. This gel works great with all Beau Lashes adhesives and all alternative strong lash glues!

    Quick & Powerful – works on the strongest adhesives to remove lashes in as little as 60 seconds!

    Safer Than Liquid Removers – reduce the risk of getting eyelash remover in your clients’ eyes. This viscous gel will stay on eyelashes more securely than other removers.

    Delicately Scented – makes the removal process pleasurable. The cool blue color also makes keeping track of where you’ve applied the gel super easy.

"Love this glue remover! Easy to remove and no complaints of burning from clients." - Nautica