Lash Primer

  • Give The Absolute Best Retention To Your Clients

    Whether your clients wear makeup or not, their natural lashes will build up a layer of dirt, dust, residue and natural oils. If this isn't cleaned before applying extensions, the adhesive bond can be weakened and this will result in the extensions shedding early.

    Lash shampoos and cleaners remove a large amount of the day-to-day grime that builds up on eyelashes but priming is a final essential step that all lash artists should take before applying extensions to ensure the glue bond is as strong as it can be.

    Our deep cleaning lash primer is highly effective at removing the stubborn fine layer of dirt, dust, oil and makeup residue on the natural lashes meaning that your clients will have the absolute best retention! In addition, priming lashes will speed up your adhesive drying time allowing you to lash even faster!

    Contains A Unique Nourishing Ingredient

    Beau Lashes unique formulation includes copper peptide: a nourishing ingredient that stimulates healthy lash growth meaning that, not only will your clients have awesome retention; they’ll also have longer and healthier looking natural lashes too! Everybody wins!

    TOP TIP: Use with Beau Lashes Lash Shampoo to cleanse lashes before applying primer. Primer is NOT a replacement for a lash cleanser.

    This product is vegan & cruelty free. Animal testing is never used for our products.

    Contents: 40ml Primer Spray

Beau Lashes Eyelash Extension Lash Primer Longer Lasting Lashes

Lashes That Last Forever...

OK maybe not forever, but dirty lashes means they will fall off quicker! This professional lash primer has been formulated specially to target the fine layer of dirt, oil and makeup residue on lashes.

Give your clients the retention they deserve with this salon grade eyelash extension primer!

IMPORTANT: Primer is NOT a replacement for a lash cleanser. Use in conjunction with Beau Lashes Lash Shampoo for best results.

Beau Lashes Eyelash Extension Lash Primer Reduces Adhesive Drying Time

Stop Looking For A Faster Adhesive And Start Priming

If you’re longing for a faster drying glue, but just can’t find something that you’re happy with, using a lash primer is a great alternative.

The primer strips away all the impurities from the natural lashes so the adhesive can grab hold of the lashes much better and subsequently it dries a lot quicker.

Stop searching for a faster adhesive and try priming instead!

Beau Lashes Eyelash Extension Lash Primer Promotes Healthy Lash Growth

Give Your Clients Healthy Long Natural Lashes

Our unique formula contains copper peptide which has been proven to encourage the growth of natural lashes.

So now you'll not only be giving your clients perfect long lasting lash extensions, you'll be helping them maintain and improve their natural lash health at the same time. What could be better!?

Beau Lashes Eyelash Extension Lash Primer Tested By Lash Artists

Tested And Re-Tested So It's The Best You Can Get!

This product has been tested by experienced lash artists to ensure that it meets our high standards.

Approved by ITQA to the following standards: ISO 9001:2008 & ISO 14001:2004.

I can't believe I lashed without this! It makes such a big difference to my work and I'm so happy I found it! Highly recommended! - Tina


If you're a lash artist looking to step up your lash game then this premium primer will give you what you're looking for.

• Longer Lasting Lash Extensions

• Quicker Drying Adhesives

• Healthier Natural Lash Growth

Give it a try today; you won't be disappointed!

Enjoy reliable, safe and superior products with Beau Lashes.

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