Brow Lamination Kit

  • Get ready for powerful fluffy brows with our amazing Brow Lamination Kit! Created by lash and brow professionals with 12+ years of experience, this specially designed kit instantly transforms your brows, giving you fuller, thicker, beautiful brows for up to 6 weeks with zero maintenance.

    Our unique formulas are extra gentle yet maintain awesome results for perfectly groomed and conditioned eyebrows. Our creamy keratin-rich conditioning serum hydrates and nourishes your brows, restoring their natural shine and promoting healthy brow growth.

    Whether you have thick, thin, or unruly brows, our lamination treatment give you the look you desire. Our kit and instructions have been specifically designed to work on all brow types. Plus, we never test on animals!

    Our deluxe kit contains all the tools you need to complete 7-10 full treatments, including Brow Lamination Adhesive/Glue, Cleanser, Set of Lifting & Setting Lotions, Keratin Nutrition Serum, 3 Y-brushes, 10 Microbrushes, 5 Mascara Wands, and 5 Applicator Brushes. You'll also get detailed step-by-step instructions and insider tips written by our team of experts.

    Say goodbye to tired looking, thin, and unruly eyebrows and wake up with perfect brows every single day!

    Note: The colors of the tools contained in the kit may vary occasionally.

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