Lash Hand Pallet

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    Time is everything when you’re applying eyelash extensions. We know how important it is to cut down your appointment duration so that you can see as many clients as possible!

    Keeping your lashes on hand, close to your client is an essential step to reducing your application time.

    We're proud to introduce a comfortable and convenient eyelash holder which will significantly speed up the process of picking, fanning and applying individual lashes.

    Perfect for beginners and experienced lash technicians alike, this tool can hold upwards of 7 lash strips and can be positioned at any angle you like, meaning that you don’t need to change your technique when you include this tool in your treatments.

    Lash technicians who try this say that they're able to reduce their appointment times by massive amounts meaning that they can now see more clients than before!

    For an even more seamless application process, wear one of your 20 free glue rings at the same time and apply lashes in 1 swift movement!


    At Beau Lashes, we listen to our customers feedback. That's why we've redesigned our lash pallet to use the latest lightweight & super durable material that will last you a lifetime.

    We also include a one-size-fits-all comfortable and fully detachable elastic strap that allows you to position the pallet at any angle you like, meaning that this lash holder will accommodate your preferred method!

    This product is vegan & cruelty free. Animal testing is never used for our products.


    ✔ Strong & Sleek Acrylic Plate – Lighter than other acrylic eyelash holders on the market.

    ✔ Detachable Elastic Strap – Fits all hand sizes.

    ✔ 20 Free Glue Rings – Save on your supplies!


Beau Lashes Eyelash Extension Hand Lash Holder Pallet Speeds Up Application

Significantly Cuts Application Time

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced lash artist, if you're looking for ways to cut your application time the this is the quickest and easiest way to do it.

Lash artists who have tried this have reported significant time cuts meaning that they can now see more clients than ever! Get the edge and boost your earnings today!

Beau Lashes Eyelash Extension Hand Lash Holder Pallet Lightweight And Durable

Superior Durable Material That Will Last A Lifetime

We've upgraded the material our lash pallet is made from so that it's lighter and more durable than ever!

It's easy to peel strips off without damaging the surface so this really will last you a lifetime!

Beau Lashes Eyelash Extension Hand Lash Holder Pallet Comfortable And Conveni

Lash In The Way That Works Best For You

Lots of lash pallets come with straps that won't detach, meaning that you're stuck working with what you've got.

Our strap is fully detachable meaning that you can choose to work at the angle you prefer, making it all round easier and more comfortable!

Our one-size-fits-all strap is made from the softest durable material we could find, for ultimate comfort!

Beau Lashes Eyelash Extension Hand Lash Holder Pallet Tested By Lash Artists

Tested And Re-Tested So It's The Best You Can Get!

This product has been tested by experienced lash artists to ensure that it meets our high standards.

Quality checks and world class customer support are in place to ensure you get what you pay for.

"Great tool for eyelash extensions. Good quality!! Saves me so much time!!" - Grace


If you're a lash artist looking to step up your lash game then this eyelash holder will give you what you're looking for.

Reduce Application TimeIncrease Comfort & EfficiencyKeep Your Supplies Organized

Give it a try today; you won't be disappointed!

Enjoy reliable and superior products with Beau Lashes.

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