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As lash artists, we can control almost everything about the application of lashes on our clients. However, what we can’t control and what is arguably the most important factor that determines how long lashes will last is how our clients take care of their lashes; also known as eyelash extension aftercare.

How long our lashes last, and how long they keep looking perfect for will largely define how satisfied your clients are. If lashes start popping prematurely then you’re going to get complaints, and complaints generally don’t lead to follow up appointments, even if the issue wasn’t your fault!

So, it’s extremely important to educate your clients about how to take care of their lashes and really stress that if they don’t follow the rules to a T then there can, and probably will be problems with their retention. It’s important not to come across like we’re pre-emptively pushing the blame for any problems onto them at this point (we all have bad lashing days!), we’re just making them aware of the importance of aftercare. And, let’s face it, it’s not that complicated so try not to overwhelm them with worry either!

How, when and what do you tell them then? Let’s go into that now…

When Do You Mention Aftercare To Your Clients?

Lash aftercare is very simple, but we should stress the importance of it at as many stages as possible:

  1. Before their appointment, it’s a great idea to send an aftercare sheet to them in an email or link them to a page on your website/Facebook page. Getting them to read the instructions upfront makes it more likely they will follow them, and also gives them a chance to plan their shower (as they can’t get their lashes wet for 24hrs… more on this later)!
  2. Include aftercare agreement on your consent form, so it’s clear that the look and retention of their lashes is almost entirely dependent on the care they give their lashes (again, try not to word this in a way that seems like you’re passing the buck – you’re not)!
  3. Always give your clients written aftercare instructionsat the end of each appointment. You should go through this with them at the end of the appointment, but it’s likely that forget everything you say as they’ll be so excited to see their new lashes! So make you give it to them all written down.

Pro Tip: if you’re tech savvy then you can hand them a business card with a QR code that links to a page with all the information on it.

  1. What happens if they lose the aftercare instructions? Try to setup post-appointment automatic emails to thank them for visiting you and give them the aftercare instructions in a digital format again. That way they have no excuses. You can also ask them for a cheeky review in there too!

What should lash extension aftercare instructions say?

Great, so we know when to tell them what to do, but what information do we need to give them? Here’s an example of what you might want to include:

  • No steam, water or sweat for at least 24hrs after the appointment. As pointed out earlier, giving them this information upfront will allow them to plan a shower! It’s recommended that they avoid hot steam, baths or swimming for 48 hours.
  • No hot blow drying near lashes - Extreme heat can affect glue retention (emphasize this to people with fringes)! Very low heat only!
  • Lash cleansing is important – over time, it’s inevitable that lashes will be affected by the daily grime that we have to deal with in our lives. Cleansing with products designed specifically for lashes is recommended. If they’re not interested in purchasing a specific lash cleanser, they should be! Consider using our sensitive lash shampoo for clean, healthy, longer lasting lashes.
  • Warn clients against using products that contain oil around the eyes. This includes moisturizers, sun screens, insect repellents… any facial product that contains oil! The oil will break down the adhesive bond, and reduce lash retention. If you’re crafty you can use this as an opportunity to up-sell them some products that are oil free. They’re likely take you up on the offer as it saves them time and effort researching different products themselves and because word of mouth is king!
  • Inform them of lash sealants – these are specialized lash products to protect from moisture, dust and oil whilst also enhancing shine and gloss. You can sell this as an alternative to mascara, as mascara will reduce retention and should not be used.
  • Stay away from crimping– the crimp curler is simply not suitable for lash extensions. If they want more curl then they simply need to discuss it with you so you can tailor their lashes to the look that they want.
  • Beware of swimming pools – they can contain residual oils from sunscreen. Warn clients about this, but if they’re on vacation and fancy a swim then there’s nothing they can really do apart from maybe cleansing their lashes afterwards.
  • Inform your clients that even sleeping the wrong way can cause retention issues sleeping on their backs is perfect. Sleeping on their fronts can cause tension on the lashes, and some people that prefer sleeping on one side find that one eye loses more lashes for this very reason! Again, there’s not much they can do about this but if its causing problems then investing in a satin pillowcase that causes less friction may help.
  • Do not over-brush or pick at the eyelashes, for obvious reasons. When brushing after cleansing, don’t brush from the root as the base of the lashes can catch.
  • No tinting or perming for at least 72hrs before and after the lash extension appointment.
  • If any irritation or a reaction occursthey should contact you so that you can evaluate the situation and take appropriate action. You should learn from each and every situation that arises and try to put in place certain procedures in order to try to prevent future incidents from occurring.
  • Removing lash extensions at home can damage natural lashes and should never be done. If the client wants them removed for any reason, they will need to either visit you or find another qualifies lash tech.

Once you have gone through the aftercare information at the end of the appointment, emphasize the importance of keeping infill appointments at a strict 2-4 week interval.

You can either encourage them to book an infill there and then or send them a reminder message/email a week or so later.

There you have it; eyelash extension aftercare in a nutshell. Once you’ve run through it with a few clients you’ll be confident to answer any questions they might have and you’ll feel happy that you’ve done all you can to ensure your clients take great care of their lashes!

Download Your Free Eyelash Extension Aftercare Sheet

We know it’s difficult and time consuming to create all the materials you need for your lash extension business. That’s why we’ve decided to make a lash extension aftercare sheet available for download. Simply download the document, add your logo and contact details to it and then print them ready to start handing out! It’s in Word format so feel free to change the border and/or the content however you wish!


As always, if you have any questions or comments, we’d love to hear them. Just comment below.

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