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Stay Healthy & Lash Forever!

As a lash tech, your main focus is ensuring that you give your clients beautiful long lashes; whatever it takes! But ignoring your health can be catastrophic to both your lash business and your life.

It’s easy to fall into bad habits that have a negative impact on your health but there’s no need to choose between lashing and living a healthy life. Choose both!

We’ve put together a list of important health tips & considerations so you can have a long, healthy & comfortable lash career. Change is difficult but necessary when it comes to something as important as your health. Get started today!

Look After Your Back & Neck

How many times have you finished a day of lashing WITHOUT your back hurting? You might have come to the conclusion that back pain is just part of the job… but it’s definitely not!To help you maintain great posture throughout the day:
  • Make sure your treatment table and lashing chair are at an appropriate height so you can lash with your feet flat on the floor without straining your neck or back.
  • Don’t hunch over – rather bend from your hips.
  • If needed, invest in a back support or posture corrector to support your back and ‘remind you’ to sit properly.
  • Make sure your client’s head is right at the end of the treatment table so you don’t need to bend over as much.

Start Stretching

Seen the silly stretching exercises that they prescribe office workers? You’ve got to start stretching too, and not only at the beginning of the day. At several intervals during the day make sure you get up, walk around and do some basic back, arm, neck and hand stretches. Yoga is a great addition to your weekly work out and will help infinitely with this. Trust us, you’ll feel great!


This follows point 2. Make sure you get regular exercise. If you hate the gym, try yoga or another sport. Join a club or start taking lessons. Not only is this great for your body, its good fun, you’ll meet some new people and it’s amazing for ridding yourself of any built-up stress. Just do it.

Stop Squinting

Our eyesight is one of our most valuable assets. If you’re straining your eyes then you’re going to destroy your vision in the long term.
  • Get your eyes checked regularly and start wearing glasses/contacts if you need them. Laser surgery is a great way to permanently fix your eyes if you can’t stand glasses or contacts.
  • Get a good magnifying glass. Even if you have perfect eyesight you’re still straining your eyes if you’re not using one. You’ll find everything quicker and easier when it’s bigger.

Eat Healthy

Everyone knows that eating healthy is an important step towards being healthy. As a lash artist, you need to sustain concentration over long periods. Eating energy rich long burn foods, like bananas, throughout the day will help you stay focused and you’ll be able to finish your jobs quicker.

Consider Reducing Your Working Hours

You’ll know if this one applies to you. Some people overwork or work long and late hours. You can sustain this in the short term, but over a long period you’re certain to burn out, falling into an exhausted heap lacking any motivation to continue building your business.

Don’t make this mistake. Pace yourself – work long hours for less days in each week. You need time to relax and re-energize. If you really have to work long hours to avoid losing some of your clients, consider hiring someone to take some of the load off you.

Use Good Tools

Using the right tools can protect you from tendinitis, arthritis, repetitive strain injuries and more! For example, using a poor quality set of tweezers might mean that you’re straining your wrists and hands more than you need to. The best tools make your job easier by doing some of the work for you. Invest in a good set of tools that will last you a long time and avoid these potential problems.

Look After Your Lungs

Although lash adhesives have been proven safe, the continual inhalation of glue fumes isn’t good and can lead to some mild respiratory problems and even flu-like symptoms. Make sure your treatment room is well ventilated or at least open a door between each treatment to get some fresh air into your room. In addition, it’s highly recommended to wear a carbon filter face mask to reduce your exposure as much as possible.

Hope these pointers help you stay fit & healthy! As always, if you have any comments or questions just drop them below!

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Beau Lashes

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Hi Eve, we’re registered in the UK but sell mainly in the US market right now, with plans to expand in the future. Thanks for asking :)


August 22, 2019

Where are u located?

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