10 Sets Of Lash Lift Lotions

  • Wish you had perfectly curled lashes that open, enlarge and frame your beautiful natural eyes? Do you hate applying and removing mascara every single day or the regular visits to your local lash artist to get extensions?

    If so, then why not try a long lasting, super quick & easy lash lift lotions!

    BEAU LASHES is proud to present our super fast acting professional lash lifting lotions that will give you the lashes of your dreams!

    ► Long Lasting - our new lash lift formula will last until your lashes fall out. When they do (usually after 4-6 weeks), simply repeat the process to perm your new lashes again.

    ► Easy to Use - These salon grade lotions are perfect for professionals. Thorough instructions are included and world class customer support is available.

    ► Fastest Acting Lotions On The Market - Being innovators in the lash industry, we have we reduced the number of lotions you need to apply from 4 down to only 2. In addition, we have also shortened the time that you need to apply each lotion from 8-12 minutes down to just 2-5 minutes. Our lash lift takes approximately HALF the time as any other on the market today!

    ► Contains 10 Treatments - If you’ve already tried our kit and just want to repurchase the perm and setting lotions, this is the perfect set for you! If you need a kit with all the tools included, scroll up and order our full kit instead!

     10 x Step 1 Perm Lotion Sachets
     10 x Step 2 Setting Lotion Sachets

    This product is cruelty free. Animal testing is never used for our products.